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Gus, the smoothest collie ever

Ode to Gus


A tarot card reader told me Gus considered himself a singer. He wasn’t barking at me when I came home, he was serenading me. Despite his abandonment issues, he wasn’t yelping each time I left our…

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Life Lessons Learned from Dogs

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If Lucy were a person, she’d be medicated—Zoloft, Xanax, Valium. She’d be in psychotherapy two-three times a week, multiple 12-Step programs. She’d have all sorts of labels—anxiety and borderline personality disorder, obsessive compulsive, misophoniac, mean…

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Vegan Tips for Beginners


Before following a vegan diet, I suffered from a number of chronic health conditions—constipation, sinus infections, low energy—even long after giving up eating land animals. Instead of energizing me, each meal I ate was enervating….

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Indraloka Animal Sanctuary


The residents of Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, a farm animal rescue, rehabilitation, and shelter located amid the Endless Mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania, do not arrive at their new home because life had been good to them….

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Going Green

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I’ve always hated St. Patrick’s Day. Growing up in a small, parochial, predominantly Irish town, St. Patrick’s Day and its parades and festivities, its raucous, prideful celebration of cultural heritage underscored my feelings of ethnic…

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