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Natural Facelift Workout

Gravity. Noted MIT-graduate engineer, statistician, author, and entrepreneur Roger Babson labeled, in 1929, gravity “Our enemy number one.” When it comes to aging, that actually may be true. Gravity, over time, causes skin to sag. The naturally perky breasts and butts of youth need pushups and squats to keep from drooping. But just as exercise  can help […]

How Plant-Based Foods Benefit You

“The produce manager is more important to my children’s health than the pediatrician.” ~Meryl Streep Food is your health’s most powerful ally, or its most insidious enemy. If you’re confused about how to eat healthfully, you are not alone. Information about food and nutrition is often conflicting and constantly changing. Clever marketing by the food industry […]

The Science of Youthful Aging

“Youth has no age.” —Pablo Picasso There are secrets to aging well. The Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, the indigenous people of the Caribbean, Native Americans, Disney anti-heroes—they all believed eternal youth was possible, but only through magic. Today, scientists are finding the Fountain of Youth is real. It’s not in the Caribbean, or the Mediterranean, or in a […]

Sugar: Sweet Poison

“Sugar is the new tobacco.” —Cynthia Kenyon, molecular biologist specializing in research on aging. Sugar, for many, is mood-changing and addictive—even a small taste leads to cravings for more. Sugar’s comparison to tobacco, however, extends beyond addiction. Research published in 2015 found that sugar breaks down collagen in the skin and is as damaging to skin’s appearance […]

Attain Your Ideal Weight Effortlessly: FitFierce50(TM)

If you’re reading this, it probably means you think you need to lose weight. Perhaps you are one of the many Americans who is chronically dissatisfied with your weight, always believing you have at least a couple of pounds to lose. Or maybe your weight has gone up as the result of lifestyle changes, stress eating, or the […]

Best Messaging Platform? Hangouts! Hands Down

Remember how awesome Skype was when it first debuted? International videos calls, for free! Sure, the call dropped about 30 times during a 15-minute conversation. And even when the connection was allegedly working, it rarely worked well. But, it was better than nothing, and enabled travelers to keep in touch while we were on the […]

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Flying Free: Life Lessons Learned on the Flying Trapeze

"This book is a gem. Life lessons indeed. Connected instantly. I downloaded the Kindle edition, and then bought three hard copies to give as gifts."
Paul Ginsberg, Amazon Review
"Great inspirational and relatable book, an easy and enjoyable read! Lynn is an exceptional writer!"
Sandra T, Amazon Review


Lynn Braz is an author, journalist, activist, and flying trapeze artist. She's published in major magazines, newspapers, and websites, including Cosmopolitan, Philadelphia, The Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today, and, and is a contracted wellness writer for MetLife. As the author of Flying Free: Life Lessons Learned on the Flying Trapeze, Lynn has been featured in The New York Times, on NBC-affiliate WBRE-TV, and on radio. She is an adjunct professor at Lackawanna College and a frequent speaker for women’s and entrepreneur groups. As a healthpreneur, Lynn created, a program that helps women retain youthfulness and vitality at every stage of life.


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