“I just finished your book last night and then I couldn’t sleep because I loved it so much! You are an amazing writer and very insightful.  Being a flyer, I really could understand everything you wrote but for a non-flyer, you really showed the lessons are applicable to life on the ground really well.”
~ Lynn Angelini, Co-founder, Utah Flying Trapeze

“This book needs to be celebrated. Flying Free engages the reader on three levels: novelty, vivid writing, and astute observations. Author Braz suffered most of her life from fear of heights. Her solution was learning how to perform on the flying trapeze. Braz’s vivid prose enables the reader to share her freedom of movement as she soars thirty feet above the ground, swings her legs forward and up, and releases the bar. En route to her own triumph over fear, she distills life lessons and suggests how we might link her learning to our own challenges. This is an empowering book. Bravo.”
~ Elayne Shapiro, Associate Professor Emeritus, Communications, University of Portland

“I’ve been following Lynn Braz’s wonderful writing for years via her blog wandering-lotus.com. I’m ecstatic she’s written such a great life lessons book no doubt from her various adventures where she’s often challenged, intentionally or not. It is amazing that “flying” and letting go of our sabotaging baggage can profoundly and positively change us as Braz shares how. Her works have always inspired me. Flying Free is the gift of courage.”
~ Amazon Customer

“This book is a gem. Life lessons indeed. Connected instantly. I downloaded the Kindle edition, and then bought three hard copies to give as gifts.”
~ Paul Ginsberg (Amazon review)

“This morning I read and reflected on my first readings of Chapter 12 and 13 of Flying Free. I continue to marvel at your insights! Chapter after chapter I repeatedly see the relevance of your findings to me and my life. Thank you for your creation.”
~ Mark B., Minnesota

“Highlighted so many things!!! I am a new flyer and I loved reading about someone else’s perspective, from a less technical POV. Very encouraging and I loved hearing about all the connections to daily life. I too have already started noticing changes in my life from taking up this awesome artistic passion.”
~ cc (Amazon review)

“I read your book…and loved it! I was getting discouraged with my flying. The instructors were doing their best, but I was still getting down on myself. When you wrote that there are many reasons to quit something, but frustration was not one of them, that really struck a chord with me.  A class or two after I read that, I caught all 3 trick chances I had in my class…for the first time! I’m glad I didn’t “quit before the miracle!”
~ Damien B., California

“I just wanted to thank you for writing your book. I have read it twice now and have shared it with my grandmother and other family members. My trapeze instructor even borrowed it and she really enjoyed it. There are so many things I can relate to and lessons I took away from your story.”
~ Rebecca B., California

“I came across your book by accident. Very good read. I wanted to say hello and thank you for the chapter on perfectionism!! It helped me understand my 21 year old and her anxieties a little better. I wasn’t looking for any self-help—but got it!”
~ Merilynn V.

“Great inspirational and relatable book, an easy and enjoyable read! Lynn is an exceptional writer!”
~ Sandra T. (Amazon review)

“Flying Free is one of those books to keep by your bed and pick up for daily inspiration on how to face fears, keep going and conquer whatever it is that stops you from fulfilling your dreams. A fun and easy read.”
~ E. Katherine Kerr, Award-winning stage and film actor who costarred in Silkwood, Children of a Lesser God, Suspect, among many others. She is also the author of The Four Principles: Applying the Keys of Brilliant Acting to Life

“Lynn Braz offers trapeze as a meaningful metaphor for living with honesty that inspires us to leap from our own safe platforms.”
~ Erin Byrne, Award-winning author, poet, essayist and filmmaker, whose work has appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines and whose film, The Storykeeper, won Best Documentary Short at the 2013 Geneva Film Festival

“In Flying Free, Lynn Braz did what the great yogis advise: She went toward her fear instead of running away from it and shows us by example how to extract both practical and profound insights from any activity—particularly those that challenge us. Thank you, Lynn, for daring to let go and fly between the trapeze bars!”
~ Jane Brunette, Author of Grasshopper Guru, poet, writing coach, Huffington Post spirituality blogger and founder of global writing circle Writing from the Soul

“I enjoyed reading this book—the author has put in a thoughtful time of expressing some life events. I enjoyed the read from start to the finish.”
~ Thought “Grottoman” (Amazon review)

“Lynn Braz writes with honesty and insight. Flying Free inspires us to move past perfectionism and soar.”
~ Erin Reese, Author of The Adventures of Bindi Girl: Diving Deep Into the Heart of India

“Flying Free contains wisdom, spunk, and is written with sincerity. I know of Lynn’s fearlessness, as she coached me through mine. The take away I get from reading Flying Free is that I can move freely in this world and not be afraid of fear itself. This book is a powerful metaphor and great medicine for these times.”
~ J. Delfina Piretti, M.A., M.F.T., psychotherapist and expressive arts therapist

“Lynn writes with awareness and clarity about the joys of transforming challenges into opportunities for richer life experiences.”
~ Tarra Christoff, M.A., Creator of the Inspired Work telecast and Omega Institute workshop leader

“I was planning on just reading a few pages and coming back to the rest of this book later but from page one I was sucked in and couldn’t stop until I had finished the book! I found myself making noises (oooohhh! ahhhhhh!) out loud as I read. I couldn’t help myself. Here’s why: Lynn’s writing is fluid and deeply compelling. (Which is why I couldn’t pull myself away from her book.) As I was reading it I felt like I was there, with her, making those leaps and twirls and twists from great heights. This, to me, is the mark of a very good read and a good writer–to have me living the journey as I’m reading. In addition to the quick page turning to discover what happens next, I also enjoyed her parallels of life lessons as they relate to what she has learned through her time on the trapeze. This book is not just for those who do trapeze or are interested in trapeze, it is really for anyone who wants to learn how to face fear head-on and for those who want a very compelling, fun read that you will not be able to put down. Enjoy! And thanks to Lynn for writing this gem of a book.”
~ K. Morrison (Amazon review)