“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lynn Braz for many years, and the newsletters she has produced have generated a great deal of positive feedback from readers. Lynn is customer-focused, and committed to delivering quality work for her clients. I highly recommend Lynn.”
~ John D’Onofrio, Marketing Director Total Control Account, MetLife Inc.

“I’ve worked with Lynn Braz for over 10 years. MetLife’s Total Control Account holders have consistently told us they enjoy reading the Life Advice newsletters, that they are very helpful, the articles are well selected, and that the articles contain pertinent advice. I believe Lynn’s services have comforted our customers through difficult times. Overall, the newsletter truly is a good source of life advice. I can’t recommend Lynn highly enough.”
~ Emily Feldman, FLMI, ACS, Senior Product Consultant, MetLife, Inc.

“Lynn is wonderful to work with. Always conscious of logistical considerations, she provides sparkling, well-researched prose that is a pleasure to read. She is completely on top of her game!”
~ Elise Nussbaum, Editor-in-Chief of Jewelry International, Tourbillon International

“Thank You, Thank You, your communication tips came when I really needed help. I was getting frustrated not being able to communicate adequately with my mother. Your tips really have helped me. Again Thank You.”
~ Anita H., Total Control Accountholder, MetLife Inc.

“I thoroughly enjoy Life Advice. I began to receive it when my husband passed in 1993. It was so appropriate and appreciated at that time. There are many time-worthy articles including those not addressing grief. I find the articles in your issues that have been useful to my friends and have passed it on to them. THANK YOU FOR A JOB WELL DONE.”
~ Jane W., Total Control Accountholder, MetLife Inc.

“Over the past 10 years I have read with interest Life Advice, and many times felt it was speaking directly to me. I received your most recent newsletter and I feel from cover to cover, it will be worthwhile reading to some of my senior and not so senior friends.”
~ Gregory D., Total Control Accountholder, MetLife Inc.

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the “Life Advice” newsletter you send with the statements. It is the best newsletter from any organization that I have ever received—very real, very helpful and contains very pertinent advice.”
~ Carolyn P., Total Control Accountholder, MetLife Inc.

“I always enjoy reading the Life Advice Newsletter. Autumn of 2011 was about the best one ever. Your year end financial review tips were excellent. Thanks.”
~ Nancy S. Total Control Accountholder, MetLife Inc.